Our Solutions

At mu Space, we offer a wide range of services in the space, digital, and energy sectors. In space, we provide satellite components and internal systems for low earth orbit, high-speed internet via OneWeb Service, and space payload services for testing in various environments. Our ground segment includes energy backup components, digital infrastructure like data centers and 5G stations, and energy solutions such as solar rooftops and EV chargers. We also offer drones, 3D printing in plastic and steel, AI for data analysis, and research projects in these areas.

Space Segment

Ground Segment

Components and equipment related to energy backup sources
Commercial and industrial battery packs
Battery products
Energy infrastructure
Commercial and Industrial Solar Rooftop, EV Charger Stations, Battery Energy Storage Systems
For surveying, photography, and area analysis
3D printing
Plastic and Steel
The Services
Artificial intelligence
e.g. cameras for data analysis and image processing
Undertake research projects
Analyze and solve problems related to Space, Digital, and Energy activities
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