mu Space is an aerospace manufacturer and satellite internet service provider in Southeast Asia. Founded in 2017 by James Yenbamroong, the company’s vision is to pave the way for the next generation and reinvent the future of technology and international space travel. 

Based in Bangkok with a body of 100 staff and growing in research and development, the company’s goal is to be a global leader in aerospace manufacturing and internet service providers. mu Space is designing, developing and manufacturing all of its components in-house, ensuring a faster production line. The company has participated in several test launches into space, with further plans to build and test-launch satellites by the end of 2021.


Our Mission

mu Space’s mission is to make a tangible life transformation for people in Southeast Asia and eventually all of humanity. The company wants to lay the foundation in order to pave the way and allow the next generations to invent the future.

mu Space adopted the mentality where a “thousand miles apart is just a stone’s throw away”. With high quality and reliable space, satellite and ground systems, the company has the power to utilize untapped technologies as a vehicle to deliver equitable access to communications, thus improving quality of life for all. mu Space aims to apply and integrate techniques from manufacturing its satellites and aerospace equipment in-house for its future spaceship program along with autonomous robots and other advanced technologies.

Investor Relations

Oran Siripongpreda

+66 2 028 9425 Ext. 62

Upcoming Events

mu Space Technology Day

20 August,2021 , 3 pm.