3D Printing Service

A 3D Printer is regarded as an advanced technology and innovation that…

"supports the production of structured parts and complex shapes."

Allowing manufacturers to save costs and shortening the lead time making this technology suitable for non-mass production of parts.

3DGence Industry F421

Materials Allocation

  • ABS
  • PEEK
  • PEKK 

Printing Size

Our Use Cases

          We can produce items with complicated structures using 3D printing, which helps lower manufacturing costs and obtain parts with specific features. For example, we 3D print the internal parts of the motor using materials with high strength and heat resistance, such as PEEK, suitable for engineering purposes. We also print the structure used within the battery, which is one of the items we’re working on for customers. We print this structure to be used for trial assembly prior to further development into real products. Therefore, we choose PLA material, which, although its characteristics are not equivalent to PEEK, is less costly and easier to print, making it appropriate for printing for use in R&D products.