Optical Network Engineer, Data Communications

At mu Space Corp, our strong passion for space is the key factor to creating amazing
things for improving the quality of life and enabling cities to become more sustainable
for the future. We are looking for people who share that passion and dedicate
themselves to make a commitment that leads to success.
As an Optical Network Engineer, Data Communications, you will be part of the optics
and photonics team, work on the data transmission system between ground-based,
inter-satellite, and planetary laser communication networks. An ideal candidate must be
able to work independently as well as in a team, a problem solver, and committed to
success. The ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment is a must!
● Collaborate with other Optical, RF, and Aerospace engineers in technical
troubleshooting, design for communication channels, analysis, and
improvement of the Alternative Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (APNT)
● Design and set up optical communication channel experiments, considering
satellite compatibility
● Build, test, and analyze data modulation code technique and chip-scale atomic
clock for time synchronization
● Contribute to the cross-functional development team to deliver ground-based
– LEO – GEO transmission channels

Required qualifications:
● Bachelor's Degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Physics, Applied
Physics, Computer Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, or a related
field with emphasis on data communication networks, or a related technical
discipline with 2+ years of work experience
● Knowledge of free-space optical communications modulation – e.g., Pulse-
position modulation (PPM)
● Basic knowledge of electronics, microcontroller/single-board computer, or
● Experience with programming in Python, C++, JAVA, or other equivalent
programming languages for device-level
● Strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills, creativity
● Good written and oral English communication skills
Preferred skills:

● 1+ year(s) experience with optical components, fiber optics cables, and
semiconductor lasers
● 1+ year(s) experience in high laser power environments and optical
● Knowledge of the manufacture of the pump laser and optical communication
● Strong data analysis capability
● Good knowledge of the constraints linked to the design of astronomical
● Well-organized schedule in a fast-paced work environment
● Growth mindset
Desired values:
● Visionary and risk-taking and can-do attitude
● Passion for technology, telecom, space, or satellite industry
● Willing to learn, innovate, try new ideas, and push the boundaries
● Able to quickly take initiative and think out of the box to solve problems
● Strong sense of accountability and integrity, work ethic and drive to succeed