New telecom startup launched in Bangkok

Thai telecom company mu Space Corp has finally started its business activities this month. The newly established telecom company operates on the premises of AIA Capital Center, a prime location in Bangkok.

“We differentiate our company from those existing in the market by providing telecom services that are cost-effective, while at the same time we’re using new technologies,” said mu Space CEO James Yenbamroong.

“In general, we will develop innovative solutions that will accelerate the adoption of new technologies for Internet of Things devices and smart cities. We’re doing this to help close the digital divide in Thailand and ultimately make high speed connections accessible for all,” he said.

James has work background in aerospace and defense technology from US company Northrop Grumman Corporation.

James runs mu Space initially with the financial support of family and friends. He informed that global investors from overseas will inject more funds as the company expands.

“We’re aggressively looking for business partners and investors,” said James, “that’s why I’m attending Euroconsult’s annual executive meeting in France, Digital Thailand Big Bag and International Astronautical Congress in Australia.”

“All three big events happen this month. There will have high concentration of executive leaders and investors from the satellite and IT sectors around the world. I’ll present mu Space, talk about our strategy, and sign agreements there with business partners,” he said.

As the company gears up for expansion, mu Space is  hiring engineers and other professionals from different backgrounds.

“We’re excited with all the progress we’ve been making. We can’t just wait to show off our satellite and mobile solutions to the public,” concluded James.