mu Space and Advanced Technology Co., Ltd have consented to sign the MoU agreement this year and it is music to the ears of the organization. This agreement aims to focus on the advancement of satellite and space industry, notably the main attention is on the LEO Low Earth Orbit Satellite, including MEO Earth Orbit Satellite and GEO Geosynchronous Satellite which these elements are a primary concern for future communications. Significantly, to enhance Thai communication technology to have the ability to compete with other nations.

When the arrival of the LEO Satellite including MEO Satellite and GEO Satellite have emerged, disseminated communications will be distributed to all territories such as a remote area where the signals tower cannot arrive. It implies that all individuals have access to the internet, and making it accessible to both education, knowledge, occupation and including other opportunities equitably.

The notable mission of mu Space and TOT, which is mu Space is the technology developer and a cooperation partner, Blue Origin to send
an extra enormous Payload that TOT improved incorporates a wide scope of electronic devices, and sensors for watching and estimating closely in microgravity. Other than the Payload of TOT, mu Space also delivers its own experimental equipment, including partner’s which still remain confidential. Be that as it may, this will report to surprise the public after the effective and successful delivery is over, however the official announcement of the upcoming Blue Origin New Shepard flight in order to test the Payload is not yet declared. This is expected to be released by the fourth quarter of this year, and this is considered to be the first time of delivering the Payload in 2020 and the fourth ideal opportunity for mu Space.


For the mission of mu Space, it intends to launch its own satellite by 2024. Moreover, set a goal for being a provider of foreign satellites in Thailand, after the ‘Open Skies Agreement’ of satellites takes place for example LEO Satellite, MEO Satellite and GEO Satellite. This can enhance Thai communications to advocate new innovations to be more complete such as 5G, Cloud storage, loT etc.

While the high capacity communication satellite which currently has only one satellite named “Thaicom4”, simply just one is not sufficient for future demand. Subsequently, it is a decent opportunity to provide more channels for Thais to have more alternatives for utilizing satellite communication services. Providing a chance for organizations operating satellite business in Thailand to have an option to apply for a permit, using a satellite which is not of Thai nationality (Foreign Satellite) to support in Thailand including applications for the right to utilize orbit satellites of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), to carry their satellites to use. To empower clients in Thailand to access a wider variety of services. Additionally, to push Thailand to be competitive in the arrangement of satellite services, and also build openings and enhance enterprises in the space business. Furthermore, it is the utilization of new advances to develop higher quality and lower cost satellite interchanges.

mu Space aims to create and enhance space technologies to lead Thailand on an excursion to the moon. For instance, innovative work ventures, robotics structures with computerized systems for use in upcoming space missions.