mu Space excites the public about space exploration at Digital Thailand Big Bang

On 19-23 September, we joined the Digital Thailand Big Bang in Bangkok. Dubbed as the biggest tech conference in Southeast Asia, about 300,000 people visited the event.

At Digital Thailand Big Bang, we presented a 3D image of the “OO mission” spacesuit we had developed for astronauts to wear when they travel in space and on the moon in the future.

The spacesuit will incorporate advanced technology, including a helmet visor with a head-up display, a touch-screen wrist display, and an embedded exoskeleton. These advancements will enable maximum mobility for astronauts to maneuver a lunar rover, collect samples and walk around the moon’s rocky surface.

Next year, we’re planning to send names of people into space as part of our awareness-raising campaign. To make this feat possible, we had installed a signature board at the event venue, where people signed their names on.

We ended the event with a board full of names of Thais and foreigners alike, including that of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha of Thailand.

Digital Thailand Big Bang was a valuable experience for us. We had a great time at the event meeting with people from state agencies, companies and startups.

Thanks everyone for visiting us at Digital Thailand Big Bang. See you again in 2019.

Story contributed by Orachun Chabraakranun of mu Space.