mu Space at ConnecTech Asia, APSCC and AVIA industry forums in Singapore

Advances in mobility, connectivity and networks have changed the way people consume online content and interact with others. This digital transformation presents new challenges, which in turn creates business opportunities for service providers in Asia-Pacific to deliver more advanced solutions and services that will impact the future.

Meet us at ConnecTech Asia, APSCC Industry Briefing and AVIA Industry Satellite Forum, and learn how mu Space can support your business growth in this new digital era. Explore how our solutions and services can be tailored to your needs on a fully flexible and scalable basis.


17 June 2019
12:25 PM
Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore
AVIA Satellite Industry Forum
Session: New Players on the Block
The satellite industry is thriving with new businesses. Many have been around for a while and in near-operational phases. Meanwhile, there are smaller and brand-new organizations coming into the market which aim to offer differentiated services or technologies. We explore their business models, product execution and partnership approaches; and how they are planning to capture sufficient market share for sustainable operations.
Suwit Pruckwattananon
18 June 2019
2:00 PM
Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention, Singapore
APSCC Industry Briefing
Session: How to Make Old-Space and New-Space Make Synergy?
The space economy is expected to grow by many times over the next several decades. The majority of this growth is likely to come from industries and applications that either do not exist yet, or are in very nascent phases of development. Many companies old and new are working to build new applications that will allow for space to become more relevant to everyday people, potentially expanding the addressable market dramatically, while ushering in an era of “New Space”. Here, we will speak about the synergies that can be achieved between “New Space” and “Old Space”, including efforts by companies that have one foot in each market, as well as companies that are leveraging one to help grow the other.
Samathorn Teankingkaeo
19 June 2019
1:40 PM
Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention, Singapore
ConnecTech Asia
Session: Driving Meaningful Business Strategies and Outcome from WRC-19
The exponential growth in the upcoming 5G services roll-out, mobile broadband and data traffic, video consumption up to IoT applications, is causing much pressure to the limited spectrum resources available to support all these developments. How can the complex socio-economic needs in varying regions be met? Can spectrum sharing initiatives provide a meaningful solution soon enough? How should the issue of licensed versus unlicensed spectrum use be addressed? How are we preparing our business for the burst in demand of 5G-enabled services in the near future?
Suwit Pruckwattananon


Samathorn Teankingkaeo
Chief Technology Officer

Suwit Pruckwattananon
Chief Business Development Officer


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