mu Space announces the price of their latest MU-B200 satellite at $4 Million, and delivery within 12 months.

Satellite manufacturer and satellite internet service provider in Southeast Asia, mu Space and Advanced Technology CO., LTD, held its first-ever Tech Day at their space factory, Factory 1. The event was full of space panels and tech discussions, before giving the attendees a tour of the factory. On top of informing the public of mu Space’s plan in the space industry, the event allowed mu Space to showcase all its products.

Most importantly, mu Space announced the price of its latest satellite, MU-B200. This satellite, MU-B200, is a 200 Kilogram customizable satellite that focuses on delivering high power and high performance. With power being a paramount concern, the satellite comes equipped with a 1.2 kW high power system, which is further customizable to the client’s needs. The price of the MU-B200 was unveiled to be at $4 Million, with deliveries to be made within 12 months of signing the contract. 

The $4 Million price tag, is approximately half the price compared to similar products in the market. The market price ranges from around 7-10 million dollars, but mu Space through their production methods has been able to lower the price. By running with a vertical integration strategy, mu Space can cut the long waiting time and hefty fees of being a part of the supply chain. By producing everything in-house, the company can lower cost prices, control quality each step of the way, and customize products as the process goes along. A vertically integrated strategy isn’t solely advantageous to mu Space alone, but also their clients. It allows clients to trust that quality is being monitored closely in every process, on top of giving clients the freedom to customize the components to their specifications.

The key feature of the MU-B200 is its power system, due to its high-powered and high-performing battery. The mu Space battery is unique due to its efficiency, the battery will be able to save cost up to 25%. On top of that, it has a capacity that is 3.3 times greater than a traditional product in the market, and a life cycle that is 2.75 times greater than the traditional product in today’s market. The power system is also equipped with sensors that are able to track its power consumption, and control its usage to the most efficient level possible. 

mu Space Corp looks to continuously grow within the space industry, this is evident through the companies rapid expansion in terms of production, facilities, and employees. mu Space unveiled Factory 2, their 3rd factory, in October of this year, this expansion not only gave birth to more facilities but also allowed mu Space to scale their production. mu Space Corp has also continuously added to their team throughout this year and has reached 100 employees with plans to have 300 employees by the end of next year. Through their vertically integrated strategy and their rapid expansion, mu Space Corp looks forward in competing to be a household name within the space industry.


Karoon Kiratiwongboone
Content Writer 
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