Defense and Security: How can satellites protect a nation?

The versatility of a satellite makes it a unique structure and an important one both for the governmental sector of the market and the commercial sector. One way satellites can be utilized is for the defense and security of a nation. The front line of defense for any nation is its military, whether it be the army or the navy, both are essential to a country’s security. Satellites can help the military perform more efficiently, and they can also help detect or track situations and objects that may not be visible from Earth. mu Space works closely with the governmental sector to be part of the country’s defense and security. 

Navigation is one way that satellites can help the defense and security of a nation. Satellites can provide navigation for ships, planes, and other military vehicles. On top of that, they can also navigate unmanned vehicles to the battlefield to provide additional resources to the military. The military-grade navigation systems work 24 hours daily with 3-dimensional pinpoint accuracy in every situation. Apart from navigation, satellites are also essential for military communications. Due to potential major consequences involving the defense and security of a nation, military communication satellites usually function with either Ultra High Frequency or Super High Frequency, and most use either X band frequencies or Ka-band frequencies to communicate with one another. Many times countries will also have receivers set up outside their soil to get more coverage of the world, and also because sometimes military actions are not happening within the country itself, but on foreign land. Communication satellites can also be utilized to transmit data from one end to another, and since they are for military purposes, many will be equipped with high security to keep the information private.

Satellites can provide even more security than just navigation and communication, they can go into higher details, even to the extent of preventing dangers before they occur. Reconnaissance Satellites can provide images to the government regarding, early missile warning, nuclear explosion detection, and even signal interception allowing countries to gather intelligence. Furthermore, with missile threats being a big issue in the world, satellites can also intercept and track missiles while providing information back to Earth. Military-related Earth observation satellites can also detect crimes, like illegal fishing in the middle of the sea or to provide warning signs for a potential natural disaster.  

Whether it be as simple as navigation or more complex as intercepting signals to gather intelligence, satellites have become a cornerstone for a country’s defense and security strategy. The use of satellites within the military has steadily risen throughout the years and will continue to do so as we enter this new age of threat to security. mu Space Corp has its own satellite production, the mu-B200, the structure is priced at $4 Million and can be utilized for various missions.