Applications of a Satellite: How does it impact the world

What makes a satellite important? The answer is simple, it is essential in many aspects of our daily lives. Satellites allow people to stay connected throughout the world in various ways. Whether it’s the internet or television broadcasting, both require a satellite to be present in the equation. mu Space Corp, a satellite manufacturer, and satellite internet service provider has its own satellite production which was unveiled towards the end of last year, the mu-B200. The satellite was built at the company’s facility, Factory 1, and will continue to scale in production through the company’s other facility, Factory 2. The mu-B200 will be able to provide various solutions and applications including communication, Earth Observation, navigation, and others. 

With the demand for the internet growing higher than ever before, one can also see the rise of satellites orbiting the Earth. Satellites can communicate with service providers on Earth to provide internet for commercial usage. On top of that satellites are also able to provide internet access to inaccessible areas like the ocean or other remote locations such as a forest or the desert, this also includes in-plane internet services. The rise in LEO satellites has also allowed for faster internet connections for the public, as these satellites are placed closer to Earth thus allowing for faster communication. Satellites send signals to Earth using antennas, the signals are sent in frequencies, however, the type of frequency varies from satellite to satellite. Whether it’s X-Band, Y-Band, or V-band, among others, each type of frequency is different and optimal for different usages. Apart from communicating with the ground, satellites also communicate with each other through their antennas. mu Space is developing its own antenna, which will be part of the mu-B200 and also sold separately as a component. 

Earth observation is another mission a satellite can be utilized for, as learning about the state of the Earth is essential to maintain a safe environment. A satellite sent for Earth observation will be able to collect and send data regarding many features of the planet. Whether it be the aquatic status of Earth or changes in atmospheric conditions, the satellite will be able to collect and relay the data back to Earth for further analysis. On top of just analyzing the state of the Earth, including the weather, satellites also have the ability to spot illegal activities that occur, like unlawful acts within the fishing industry. One example of that is the ability to track illegal unreported and unregulated fishing, also known shortly as IUU. Tracking down modern-day slavery in the fishing industry will be easier with this technology as well. On top of that, it will allow fishermen to fish at a more efficient level, both economically and environmentally. Economically, it will help fishermen survey and collect data regarding their industry. While environmentally, the satellite will help track the number of fishing boats and the number of fish caught to make sure they are at the appropriate level.

Another important purpose of a satellite is to provide accurate navigation data for people of the Earth to use their navigation systems. From mobile phone GPS systems to systems for ships and planes, all require satellite navigation. Satellites are able to provide the most accurate and precise navigation for traveling. With the rise of smartphones and their ability to use GPS navigation, satellites to provide this are continuously rising and improving.

Satellites have made daily life easier due to their ability to solve many problems that people face regularly. The desire to better the lives of people and the increasing demand of the public for satellites caused mu Space to launch its satellite production, the mu-B200, an in-house project that is responsible for building everything from the components to the final structure itself. The multi-purposed and high-powered satellite will be able to answer various demands and needs of the public to make it easier for people to carry on with their daily lives. The mu-B200, which was unveiled in 2021, is priced at $4 Million and delivers within 12 months of the order being placed.