Mobile Backhaul

Solution for Mobile Service Providers

Mobile Backhaul (MBH) is the process of connecting radio access network air interfaces at the cell sites to the inner core wireline network, which are subsequently connected to data centers that ensures the network connectivity of the end user (e.g., mobile phone user) with the mobile networks. MBH will be the solution for mobile service providers because it allows you to connect from the middle of nowhere, whether you are surrounded by tall mountains or on a tropical paradise, mobile backhaul can give you easy access to the internet.


  • Government: A LEO satellite service can serve government projects and missions for schools or hospitals in remote areas. It can also be used for communications during a disaster like flood, fire, tsunami, earthquake, etc., since communications may be congested or land-based systems are damaged during those incidents.

  • Enterprise: A connectivity within an enterprise such as the communications between oil rigs and head office can be provided through a LEO satellite service.

  • Maritime: A communication connectivity through a LEO satellite for container ships, cruise ships, fish ships, among others.

  • Aviation: A LEO Satellite service can provide the communication connectivity for airlines in order for them to provide WIFI signals for its passengers, whether it is for private jets or commercial airplanes.

  • Mobile Backhaul: Mobile operators do not have cellular base stations in some remote areas due to the unavailability of fiber network access. However, a LEO satellite service can solve that problem by using mobile backhaul to connect their cellular base stations through LEO satellites allowing them to connect to 5G/4G mobile core networks.