We are moving forward into a new era by planning to develop space technologies for future space travel. Generally, a majority might view that building a spaceship or spacecraft is a futuristic idea and sometimes it feels surreal.

However, building a spaceship with a complexity of technologies is one of the challenging tasks that a company wants to achieve, it might take a few years to complete, mu Space is the first and only company who steps into this path and strives to make things happen. If we don’t start it now, then when?

In September 2020, we unveiled Thailand’s first development plan for a small space vehicle. This spaceship plan consists of two key missions:

Cargo Resupply Mission
We aim to resupply commodities and life support equipment to the international space station (ISS) on our spacecraft including science, research, crew supplies, and vehicle hardware to the orbital laboratory and its crew.

Earth to Earth transportation
An Earth to Earth transportation is suborbital flights on a massive spaceship from one place to another on Earth. It will make international long distance trips shorter and more convenient.



  • Earth orbit missions
  • ISS resupply
  • Cis-lunar missions
Ballistic Test – 1st Specimens Test
Certified IIIA Armor NIJ010810 Standard
Microstructure inspection for our new advanced material

Ballistic Test

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