mu Space Factory

Factory00 footages

Factory 0

In December 2020, we built a small-sized factory of approximately 200 square meters to support the production capacity of developing, testing, and manufacturing prototypes of our technology including satellite components, batteries, robotics and other advanced materials. This factory comprises three zones which are cutting edge additive manufacturing (3D Printer), Clean Room, and advanced material facilities.

Factory 1

In April 2021, we established a new factory that is ten times larger than the old one with 2202 square meters. The new factory is built with the purpose to develop, test, and manufacture satellite components and power systems for actual operations used in-house and for potential space customers. The medium-sized factory is divided into five areas including Power System with a Chemical Laboratory, Office, Robotics, Satellite with a Clean Room, and Workshop area.

Factory 2

We unveiled Factory 2 in early October the facility can house significantly more productions than our previous factories. The factory was built with the purpose to scale our production, expand our workforce, and focus our production on various space-related components. Factory 2 is equipped with chemical laboratories, an electronics laboratory, and various other important facilities.

Mega factory 02

Mega Factory

One key element of accessibility and affordability is the production capacity of which mu Space is expanding towards 10,000 satellite and robot systems per year.Not only the regional but also global supplies of lithium-ion batteries are quickly depleted due to the rapid fuel-to-electric energy Space Megafactory, thus, is necessary to keep up with this demand, creating the production capability of 1.8 Gigawatts of battery cells per year.