mu Space cooperates with TOT, chasing up SpaceX’ Starlink by building the world’s first Data Center in space.

mu Space partnered with TOT planning to build the world’s first data center in space, starting from Nonthaburi and preparing to build 11 gateway service stations across the country.

Recently, Mr. James Varayuth Yenbamroong, CEO of mu Space and Acting President Mr. Morakot Thienmontree, revealed the plan of creating a base for supporting 11 gateway service stations nationwide, and connecting Fiber’s infrastructure across the country by transmitting a laser through an optical fiber. But this time is slightly different, a laser would directly pass through free space optics which is 40% much faster. Mr. Varayuth also said that “the previous mission, under space mission 13, payload was successfully carried out to test in the microgravity, 62 miles away from the ground, which one of the important modules was TOT’s and these experiments were done by all Thai engineering teams from both mu Space including TOT for testing initial stage of Data Center”. 

In terms of the gateway business, mu Space cooperated with TOT preparing to transmit a geosynchronous satellite (GEO) signal at the TOT office in Nonthaburi Province, which they are planning to install a 9-meter large satellite dish, by using KU BAND. At the same time, they will provide a gateway service to support Internet services, including Starlink of SpaceX. Which is a low earth orbit satellite (LEO) carrying signals through a large base 11 stations across the country. Moreover, there is also an exceptional base station co-building infrastructure at Buriram TOT Office within an area of 8,000 square meters (5 Rai). By doing this, it could help to reduce 5G costs in order to be able to control the internet signal and provide internet service for navigation or airplane.

Another significant factor, a Data Center in space is particularly attractive as it can decrease a temperature lower to -270.45 degrees, which is very cold enough to serve the Data Center without concern of cooling. Furthermore, the most essential factor is that the luminous intensity is a good energy source, guaranteeing that the Data Center can connect all the information to satellites faster than Fiber.

Acting President, Mr. Morakot Thienmontree stated that “In the future, the Data Center does not have to be on the ground. But it will be beyond Earth orbit, and expecting these matters will be prepared to serve within 5 years”. In addition, Mr. Morakot also told that current Telecommunications market competition depends on High Speed Internet, thus the fastest one will be the winner of this trail. In the next few years, the Internet in Thailand will no longer be controllable and will affect the stability of the country, therefore mu Space and TOT will collaborate to develop the quality and system of internet services accessed through satellite by being the first group of satellite internet providers in Thailand.

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