We revolutionize innovation in today's more connected world.

We live in a world where communications are key and technology touches every area of our lives. Never before has technology played such a powerful role in improving the way we work and live.

Technology must arguably be the dominant feature of our civilization. With curiosity driving us, we have made technological innovations that past generations would think impossible. It has led us to where we are today — a more connected world.

However, with technology continually advancing, many people remain without access to reliable communication networks, including broadband and mobile services. Connectivity is critical for people to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape in government, health and education sectors.

The issue of the digital divide cannot be ignored. This impacts everyone, and together, we can solve it.

I, together with the mu Space Corp team, are on a mission to develop satellite communication technologies that will accelerate the adoption of Internet of Things devices, digital parks, and smart cities. We will also lead the way in Asia in commercial space travel, ultimately making space accessible to more people and enabling more space exploration missions in the future.

We believe space and satellite advancements we do now will over time reap us tangible enhancements to improve quality of life.

We know our mission is a large and difficult undertaking. But through our efforts and your unwavering support, we can help inspire people, particularly the next generation, to do more to make life more sustainable on Earth, and hopefully, soon in space.

Varayuth “James” Yenbamroong
CEO & Founder